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School Uniform


The uniform at Al-Burhan Grammar School is governed by the principles of Islamic dress: that it must cover and be loose-fitting.
The school uniform comprises:
  • Burgundy kameez: Loose-fitting, knee-length, full-sleeved
  • Dark grey loose-fitting shalwar or wideleg trousers (to be purchased from Mansuri Schoolwear)
  • Burgundy school cardigan with logo (to be purchased from Mansuri Schoolwear)
  • Headscarf: Plain white (to be purchased from School)
  • Socks: Plain grey/black/white
  • Shoes: Plain black flat leather school shoes
As a student of Al-Burhan Grammar School, it is mandatory to attend school wearing the school uniform regardless of whether it is covered by a jilbaab or not. If you choose to wear a jilbaab, it must be loose and plain navy or black.
There should be no makeup, surma, nail varnish, contact lenses or jewellery other than one pair of small plain gold or silver stud earrings and a watch. If any make-up is worn students will be asked to remove it immediately.  
School bag: These must be sensible school bags such as backpacks. Handbags and fashion bags etc. are not allowed.
Outdoor wear: must consist of a plain black, grey or navy coat/jacket. Jackets/coats must be knee length. Coats that are made of denim or corduroy are not acceptable.
PE Kit
  • Loose-fitting grey microforce hockey dress with burgundy piping - badged with school logo (available via online shop - see below)
  • Loose-fitting grey peached microfibre tracksuit trousers with burgundy bands (available via online shop - see below)
  • Burgundy one-piece ready-made scarf - large or x-large size
  • Sports socks
  • Trainers: mostly white

The Hockey dress and tracksuit trousers must be purchased from the online shop: The walk-through document explains how to order the kit from the website. The access code is available to parents by ringing or emailing school, and has also been supplied in the newsletter. 

PE Kit Walkthrough instructions


Swimming Kit:

  • Swimming costume covering arms and legs: either a 2 piece suit consisting of a long-sleeved leotard and full length footless tights, or a 1-piece suit which covers arms and legs (to be purchased from Mansuri Schoolwear)
  • Swimming cap


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